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Poetry Around the World- Ghana: Ancient and Pre Colonial Periods & The Ashanti
Poetry Around the World- Ghana: Ancient and Pre Colonial Periods & The Ashanti
This episode took me a year to complete. Take your time with it ;)Timestamps:00:00- Intro poem/ Green Africa- Horst Wolff01:05- Briefing02:43- Episode Theme08:03- Kwesi Brew09:50- Poem/ The Sea Eats Our Lands10:26- Analysis17:21- A Discussion on the Oral Tradition19:59- Libation/Cobby D Poet23:20- Article/ The People of Ghana (J. Anquandah)24:43- Making a New History25:45- The Cultures of Ghana29:48- The Peopling of Ghana33:34- The Language Map of Ghana37:17- Cultures & People39:17- Food Culture & Taro Yams39:54- Ethnomedicare 41:25- Arts, Crafts & Social Customs (Terracotta arts)44:58- Interview transition45:58- Poem recital/ Ashanti- Adjei Agyei-Baa01:20:20- Poem recital/ A Feast in Ashanti- Kofi Amed01:43:51- Analysis of the final lines01:51:43- Song Discussion/ Nnwonkoro (D. Locke/K. Ampene)01:55:21- Dr H.C. Jones on the Difference between Western and Trad. African Music01:59:08- Conclusion02:01:12- Poem/ Gold Coast Customs- Edith SitwellLinks/Articles mentioned in the episode:Brendal, Aformeziem. “Kwesi Brew and African Poetry.” Strathclyde, Apr. 2015, www.academia.edu/12056017/Kwesi_Brew_and_African_Poetry.How Poems Work #1 - L. S. Mensah on Kwesi Brew’s “the Sea Eats Our Lands.” www.oneghanaonevoice.com/2010/08/how-poems-work-1-l-s-mensah-on-kwesi.html.Kush, Femi. “Oral Tradition.” Kwasu, May 2018, www.academia.edu/36707753/Oral_Tradition.Persoon, James, et al. “The Early Poetry of Kwesi Brew: An Evaluation.” Kente: Cape Coast Journal of Literature and the Arts, vol. 3, no. 1, May 2022, pp. 40–58. https://doi.org/10.47963/jla.v3i1.835.THE PEOPLE OF GHANA: THEIR ORIGINS AND CULTURES on JSTOR. www.jstor.org/stable/43855009.Adjei Agyei-Baa/Ashanti InterviewThe Oweds - H.C. Jones, PhD Poems featured in the episode:GREEN AFRICAHorst WolffAfrica, you catch our eyesWaking in your sudden bloomOf giant flowers, rainbow colouredGenerous with limb and life,You are eternal in your treesWhich crowd, luxuriate and rot;Returning to return.Your white-crowned mountain call us upYour slopes of promise where as eaglesWe look down your spread of greenand the metal bodies of your riversBright with points of splintered light.Dreaming you, where’er I goI see Ancestors by their firesForming worlds from tales and fables. THE SEA EATS OUR LANDS Kwesi BrewHere stood our ancestral home:The crumbling wall marks the spot.Here a sheep was led to slaughterTo appease the gods and atoneFor faults which our destinyHas blossomed into crimes.There my cursed father once stoodAnd shouted at us, his children.To come back from our playTo our evening meal and sleep.The clouds are thickening in the red skyAnd night had charmedA black power into the pounding waves.Here once lay Keta.Now her golden girlsErode into the armsOf strange towns.