Women's Health CLARITY with Cloe & Kate

Cloe Bunter & Kate Spina

* Formally NO BS Women's Health * Honest, open conversations about the health topics women* worry about. Cloe and Kate share their professional insights, collective experiences in movement and nutrition and a no BS attitude to give you the CLARITY you need for your best, most confident health. Cloe Bunter is a Pilates Teacher Trainer & creator of The Pilates Instructor Hub. With over a decade in the fitness industry, Cloe's mission is to help you feel empowered in your body to move fearlessly. Kate Spina is a nutritionist, award-winning chef and eating disorder survivor. Kate is committed to helping you wade through all the overwhelming nutrition BS and feel more confident about what you eat. Connect with us here: Instagram @womenshealthclaritypodcast Cloe via Instagram @cloebunterpilates & www.cloebunterpilates.com.au Kate via Instagram @katespinanutrition & www.katespinanutrition.com Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode and follow us on Instagram to ask us the questions you need no BS answers for! We would love it if you left us a review and share how an episode has helped you take a no BS approach to your health. Thanks so much for your support! *including non-binary, gender-fluid and transgender women. Basically, however your female gender expresses itself, you’re welcome here! DISCLAIMER: The Women’s Health CLARITY podcast is an educational platform that provides information of a general nature only. The podcast’s content is not a substitute for personal, professional medical care and is not intended as health advice for any individual. read less
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