RE:ENGAGED: Electric Planes and Net Zero Aviation w/Sharmila Sumsurooah

Knowledge, Engaged

11-11-2022 • 20 minutos

Today's RE:ENGAGED brings back Sharmila Sumsurooah for the decarbonisation day at COP27! Decarbonising planes would be a landmark achievement and Sharmila has many thoughts on this...

Sharmila Sumsurooah discusses her work in developing electric aircraft and the journey towards net zero aviation with Ben, and they talk about the challenges associated with bringing together all of the people needed to make it work. They also discuss the Solutions for Aircraft Electrification Leadership (SAEL) initiative and the exciting steps its paving.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this episode was recorded virtually, so we apologise for any dips in audio quality, but the fascinating content remains.

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