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Welcome to The Creator Economy Podcast hosted by James Alderman. James specialises in helping creatives, marketers, creative graduates, digital apprentices and aspiring creatives increase their professional capital ready for their next challenge! Focusing on digital marketing portfolios, digital marketing careers and marketing graduate stories, James hopes to inspire the next generation of marketing talent. Enjoy the podcast! read less


Are You Suited For A Career In Digital Marketing?
Are You Suited For A Career In Digital Marketing?
Are you suited for a career in digital marketing? The truth is, anyone can become a marketer. Marketing is comprised of people with all kinds of backgrounds — journalism, law, logistics, and more.But to be a great marketer you need to practice, develop, and evolve. Looking at great marketers (Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk) over the years, there are certain qualities that they have developed that have helped them rise to great heights.We can look at these qualities and can we use them to help you become more suited to life as a digital marketer.All of these qualities can be learned and developed. Let’s take a look at 8 qualities that will help you become well suited to digital marketing, creative is all about using your imagination to create something original.Listen to the podcast to explore 8 qualities that will make you suited to become a digital marketer!Now Is Your TimeBusinesses need these qualities to continue and in some cases, survive. Businesses need you to stay relevant and competitive in their marketplace in this uncertainly, skills gaps need to be filled. By understanding these qualities and striving towards mastering each will help future-proof your career as a potent marketer.Now is the time to take advantage of our Career Accelerator program. Our career accelerator is designed to give you the opportunity to gain many of the qualities listed above, as well as invaluable digital marketing experience.That wraps up this podcast ‘Are you suited for a career in digital marketing?’ We hope you enjoyed this one. As always, if you have a quality that you think will make you suitable please add your suggestions to the comments below.If you feel that you could do with developing a few of your qualities we recommend that you look at our Career Accelerator program, it could really help you develop as a digital marketer.