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Will AI Kill All Jobs? | Ep. 2
Will AI Kill All Jobs? | Ep. 2
The intersection between artificial intelligence and the economy is pivotal to the future functioning of society, specifically how AI affects job markets and employment opportunities. The conversation delves into the potential impact of AI on industries such as healthcare, education, and retail, and how it is changing the entire global economic landscape. We also discuss the ethical and social implications of AI's impact on the workforce, including potential job displacement and income inequality. This episode provides valuable insights and perspectives on the evolving relationship between AI, the economy, and the workforce. 📺 Watch this episode on YouTube:🚀 Catch the next livestream:💬 Connect on Twitter: OUTLINE00:00 The Artificial Intelligence Revolution14:05 ChatGPT, Google Bard, LLMs18:20 AI Arms Race and The Alignment Problem28:45 Jobs34:58 Creativity and art38:56 Education and preparing for the future43:56 Universal Basic Income1:00:20 Government involvement, response, regulation1:06:11 Exponential technological advancement1:11:11 Purpose1:12:27 Minimum Wage1:16:20 Automation1:19:14 Evolution and The Human Mind1:24:20 Emotions in Machines1:28:55 Social Media AVAILABLE ONAmazon⁠ | ⁠Apple⁠ | ⁠Google⁠ | ⁠Spotify⁠ | ⁠YouTube⁠ | ⁠Twitch --- Support this podcast: