003: Building a Two-Way Music Community with Okay Kenedi

Behind Every Indie

07-06-2023 • 47 minutos

In this episode of "Behind Every Indie," host Julia Appleton interviews Okay Kenedi, an up-and-coming alternative pop artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Okay Kenedi emphasizes the importance of a supportive community in her music career, combating imposter syndrome and staying grounded. She highlights the impact of her producer & mentor, Dan Hannon, and how crucial it is for relationships to be two-way streets. The conversation also focuses on songwriting, emphasizing authenticity and the therapeutic value of the creative process. Join us for an inspiring discussion on the transformative power of community, mentorship, and the art of songwriting.

You can find Okay Kenedi wherever you get your music, including Spotify and Apple Music. You can also follow her on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

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