002: The Rule-Free Road to Indie Success with Colleen Dauncey

Behind Every Indie

24-05-2023 • 1 hora 17 minutos

In this episode of "Behind Every Indie," host Julia Appleton chats with Canadian artist and Twitch streamer, Colleen Dauncey, about the importance of having a DIY attitude and embracing the messy, rule-free world of music and art. They discuss how to use social media and collaboration to succeed as an indie artist, as well as tips for finding the right collaborators and developing songwriting skills. Colleen also shares her insights on building a community on Twitch and using it to document her creative process. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on creativity, community-building, and breaking the rules!

You can find Colleen Dauncey wherever you get your music, including ⁠Spotify⁠ and ⁠Apple Music⁠. Be sure to check out her Twitch stream, and you can also follow her on ⁠Instagram⁠ and ⁠TikTok⁠.

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