High Voltage with MacKenzie Nelson | Best Selling Author of "My Father's Feathers"

MacKenzie Nelson

Get your weekly inspiration by listening to MacKenzie Nelson's "High Voltage Podcast". MacKenzie Nelson is the best selling author of "My Father's Feathers"

MacKenzie hopes that in sharing her story you will be inspired and encouraged and be given hope and healing as you grow your wings to soar, one chapter, one feather at a time.

At age six, MacKenzie was told “You have a different biological father than your siblings,” and as time progressed, “He wanted me to abort you,” and “He was in the mafia.” She grappled with her identity, questioned the religious establishments and continued to pursue truth at all costs. She walked through a chronic health battle, pressed into God and heaven was unleashed in her life in unexpected ways, including a life–changing, miraculous encounter. When she simply said YES to writing three pages a day, her story emerged and everything changed.

This book changed her perspective and continues to change her life in new ways she is constantly discovering. It is her hope that it will do the same for you as you read through her life story and the insights she has gained.

Perhaps one of the biggest discoveries she made is learning how the same areas of her life where she once felt her wings had been clipped were the very same ones that were now empowering her to soar. As she leaned into what she felt God speaking, He taught her how to live life from a new, higher perspective, and continues to help her build her wings. We hope her story will inspire you to soar to new heights, hope and healing.

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