In A Space for Grace - Navigating Faith, Exploring Perspectives, Cultivating Relationships

Lesle Machado Hilliker

In A Space for Grace we navigate faith, explore perspectives, and cultivate relationships. Are you tired of feeling like you’re not good enough, Christian enough, or insignificant? Are you sick of striving only to be disappointed and defeated? Do you wish you understood God and faith better? Do you wish you knew where to start and how to relate to the Word in the world around you? How about trusting God, being honest and vulnerable with Him, knowing how to seek and find Him? In this podcast, you will find a safe space to imperfectly explore faith and grapple with limiting convictions. The purpose of this podcast is NOT to convince or convert. The purpose is to inspire you to hold a space for grace, to challenge you to give and receive grace, and to release the confines of ‘all or nothing‘ thinking. In a Space For Grace we Gather Resources And Consider Everything. We tell stories to share our perspectives. We ask, seek, and knock on God‘s door to better understand and relate to His Word and ultimately nurture and grow in our relationship with Him. I’m Lesle Machado Hilliker. I spent a large part of my life seeking purpose, approval, and validation in all the wrong places. After trying to belong by being, doing, saying what the world said I should, I kept landing in discouragement and completely defeated. On my knees, in the depths of storms I surrender and seek to hear the Spirit that dwells within us. I find permission to doubt, ask, seek, and knock on the door into knowing and living God’s Word – to imperfectly explore my faith. To grapple with convictions and step into the abundance of God’s peace. If you’re ready to ask God the tough questions and uncover how to seek and live in God’s glory, then let’s dig deeper together. Get ready to knock on the door and step outside of your comfort zone when you step In a Space For Grace with me. I’m so excited to lean into and grab hold of God’s promises with you! “For where two or three gather together as His followers, He is there among them.” Matthew 18:19-20 Connect ==> Instagram ==> @InASpaceForGrace read less
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