Ep. 203: Achieve Excellence through Sobriety

The Daily Draft Podcast

22-12-2022 • 1 hora 10 minutos

I was joined by 3 men from within the Fraternity of Excellence who were open to sharing their journey through sobriety.

Each of us had our unique reasons for removing alcohol and each of us have found a way to own that decision and not be owned by it.

If you're looking to remove the anchor of alcohol from your life, listen to the episode and be sure to follow these men on Twitter:

Jeff H - https://twitter.com/JeffreyHiggins

Justin - https://twitter.com/MRJWAR

(Honorable Mention) Jerry - https://twitter.com/Men_of_Grit

If you're looking to join a private group dedicated to sobriety, check the link below on The SOBER Self where you can find me, my wife, and 20+ others working together daily.


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