Ep. 205: Making Fitness a Part of Fatherhood with TEDCO Founder, Drew Camp

The Daily Draft Podcast

30-12-2022 • 53 minutos

Make 2023 the year you go all in on transforming your mindset, physique, and overall health + that of your family.

Today I was joined by Drew Camp to talk about the need for fitness in families and how a family man must balance his mission and duties with the lives he leads.

Drew Camp is a husband, Father of 3, Combat Veteran, and The Epic Dad Co. (TEDCO) founder.

TEDCO is a supplement company that aims to change the culture by creating more epic Dads. Founded in 2021, TEDCO creates 100% natural supplements that help Dads become better athletes, leaders, and providers. TEDCO believes that the best way to change the culture is to change yourself first.

Drew also runs the Epic Dad Legacy podcast.

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