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Welcome to Founder Meditations! Interviews with startup founders who practice meditation, focusing on the intersection of startups, mindfulness, and spirituality. Weiting is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to introduce meditation in a secular way to help founders scale, and also to inspire spiritual seekers to be top performers in the world without living a monastic life in the mountains. read less


#007 - Henry Shukman & Jack Shukman: When a Zen Master Starts a Tech Startup
#007 - Henry Shukman & Jack Shukman: When a Zen Master Starts a Tech Startup
Henry Shukman and Jack Shukman are the co-founders of The Way (, a meditation app designed for those seeking a deeper meditation experience.Henry Shukman is an authorized Zen Master in the Sanbo Zen lineage. Jack Shukman is the co-founder and CEO of The Way. Together, they embarked on a unique journey to create an app that offers a much more in-depth meditation practice than what is currently available. What happens when a Zen Master starts a tech startup? That’s exactly what Henry Shukman did. Together with his nephew, Jack, they launched The Way, an app that integrates Zen philosophy into its core. In this episode, we delve into the intersection of tech and meditation. Henry and Jack share how they infused Zen principles into their startup, discuss how a Zen Master would pitch to Silicon Valley VCs, and explore the importance of awakening for knowledge workers in tech. I also had the chance to ask Henry about his views on manifestation. I’m very grateful for this episode, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well. Timestamps:00:00 - Intro04:00 - Why a Zen Master wants to start a meditation app10:12 - The founding story of ‘The Way’ meditation app17:15 - Awakening and non-duality23:00 - “Sales pitch” for Awakening: Why should founders meditate?32:00 - Is Awakening for everyone?41:32 - The Way’s four zones54:45 - Inside “The Way” the startup01:00:30 - Mission & metrics01:07:34 - TAM of meditation apps01:15:18 - Awakening and its impact on entrepreneurs01:36:34 - Manifestation and wealth: A Zen perspective01:39:01 - Advice for busy startup founders on meditation --- Send in a voice message:
#005 - James Hu: From Fear-based Motivation to Fulfillment with Vipassana
#005 - James Hu: From Fear-based Motivation to Fulfillment with Vipassana
James Hu is the co-founder and CEO of Jobscan, a profitable, globally distributed startup. In this episode, James discusses the pressure of startup culture and how this led to a moment of reckoning about what truly matters in life. James’s turning point came with a one-year sabbatical from his own company (!) and a transformative 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat, radically changing his approach to life, work, and leadership. James offers insights into the power of meditation, the importance of letting go of fear-based motivations, and how ancient wisdom can guide modern entrepreneurs toward a more peaceful and purpose-driven life. (00:00) Introduction (01:00) James’ First Startup (06:06) Founding Story of Jobscan (09:08) James’ 1-year Sabbatical (15:54) Discovering Meditation: A Journey to Inner Peace (18:52) The Profound Impact of a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat (26:41) Exploring the Depths of Pain and Equanimity (29:45) Diet and Sensory Changes Post-Retreat (32:35) Impact on Business and Management Style (33:51) Maintaining Meditation Practice and Its Benefits (35:36) Incorporating Meditation into Leadership and Decision-Making (42:23) Personal Growth and the Shift in Motivation (48:40) Finding Balance: Health as a New KPI (51:34) Advice for Founders (57:08) Rapid Fire Questions and Final Thoughts --- Send in a voice message: