AMATEUR NATION with Lou Santini

Lou Santini

If you want biting, insightful (and funny) news and social commentary, AND you're allergic to a lack of common sense, WELCOME! Based on his standup comedy and his book, "AMATEUR NATION: The Decline of Common Sense, Manners and Social Skills" (available on Amazon), now comes the PODCAST! Smart, uncompromising, thought-provoking, and engaging, this laugh out loud show is about those all around us who are "doing life wrong", and are disturbing the "flow of the Pros"!

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TRAILER for EP. #242: "F**k Bill Gates"
TRAILER for EP. #242: "F**k Bill Gates"
*THIS WEEK:* F**k Bill Gates.Once again, I’m right. This time, about paper straws. The plot of “Robocop” is real. Just ask the citizens of Silicon Valley!*On “A la Carte”:* the CDC is a joke, and so is Lia, “Bill” Thomas, the city of Chicago, and Queen.*On “3 Pro Things”:* the RIGHT way to respond to presidential candidates, Alex Jones on the NWO, and don’t forget, THE RESIDENTS OF MAUI WERE MURDERED.*DRYBAR COMEDY SPECIAL:“Amateur Nation*”:**SUBSCRIBE* on Youtube for 60-second podcast previews every Thursday at 7 a.m. Eastern!:*WATCH* the parody song: “My Prez” on YouTube!*WATCH* the parody song: “He’s So Stupid (And We Hate That)”:*WATCH* the parody song: “Oh, Say AOC!”:*WATCH* the parody song: “We Want LA”:*WATCH* the video: “30 Things That Are Like Driving a Prius”:*WATCH* the parody commercial: “Teachers Gone Wild!”:*DOWNLOAD the book!**Facebook:* *Instagram:**Truth Social:**LinkedIn:**GETTR:*