What The Ale?

Alana Rae and Mama J.

Do you love talking about unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories while enjoying a pint of local beer? Do you also tend to have a different opinion than everyone else? Do you wish more people wanted to nerd out about conspiracies with you? Do you also freak people out with your knowledge of super creepy things?…no, just us…nevermind…

Look no further, you have found your people. “What The Ale” is a podcast that explores some of the world’s most interesting mysteries and conspiracies while enjoying craft brews from all over. Co-hosts and mother-daughter duo Alana Rae and Mama J. discuss their shared love of mysteries and urban legends from all over the world. And while they have the same taste in pretty much everything, they can never agree on the best pints in town (#teamhazy #teamstout). Join us on our journey into the lore to uncover the answers to the most fascinating cases from around the world. What the Ale? We may even solve something!

If there are any topics you would like to hear from us, or if you just want to say hi, please follow this link to the request form:


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