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Ryan Peters and Amanda Grelock

Communication and relationship skills for the 21st century.

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Robert Danisch on Effective Communication and Radically Civil Conversations
Robert Danisch on Effective Communication and Radically Civil Conversations
We are thrilled to have Robert Danisch, Professor of Communication at the University of Waterloo and the author of What Effect Have I Had (our most recommended book for communicating better in everyday situations!) and co-author of an upcoming book Radically Civil: Saving Democracy One Conversation at a Time. In this episode, we talk about:How effective communication prioritizes the impact of words over the accuracy of information transmission.The strategies successful communicators use to focus more on the outcome of their words rather than the initial intent.The virtues of the rhetorical model of communication, emphasizing 'relationality' over 'positionality', in fostering more effective interactions.How conscious communication can be achieved through the practice of active listening and perception checking.The idea of "radically civil" conversations and how they can promote dialogue and manage differences in diverse societies without suppressing voices.The role of active listening and patience in building trust in conflict situations, with the understanding that it doesn't guarantee immediate results.The importance of preserving complexity and avoiding oversimplification or generalization in political discussionsWhy navigating differences requires using existing skills and embracing the messiness of communication for personal growth.A summarized transcript is available on this podcast's website: www.differences.howWant to work with us? We offer IDI assessments and coaching for individuals and organizations, team communication trainings, cultural self-awareness workshops, and consulting on intercultural approaches to d&i. 👉