Dedicated AMA: Here For You

ABRA's Money Talks Podcast

18-11-2022 • 1 hora 5 minutos

Bill started the episode off with a dedicated Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) to address the latest events in the crypto market. The episode also featured Abra’s Head of OTC Desk, Amit Sinha, who provided details on Abra’s OTC offering and shared his views on the current crypto market. Some of the key highlights of the session are below:

Macro Update - In Bill’s view, we have been in a recession and in terms of credit tightening and economic destruction we have never seen anything like this. He thinks that the Fed continues to mismanage the situation and if you add the bond markets, we have seen the largest capital destruction as a % of GDP over the last 50 years, even bigger than 2008.

OTC Crypto Update - Amit Sinha, Head of the OTC desk, explained Abra’s current OTC offering and some of its benefits vs traditional investment avenues like an exchange or an app. He also provided updates on some of the upcoming features that the OTC desk is currently working on including Derivatives and a trading API.