Abra Price Safety Live!

ABRA's Money Talks Podcast

02-12-2022 • 35 minutos

Bill provided an overview of the latest macro news and featured Abra’s Product Director, Sonam Joshi. Some of the key highlights of the session are below:

Macro Update - In Bill’s view, the latest comments from Powell, Fed’s chairman, are an indication that the great pause is coming. This change in Powell’s tone is great news for risk on assets like crypto but he still expects a 50 Bps rate hike in December.

Abra Trade Update - Sonam Joshi, Abra’s Product Director, provided an update on the recent upgrade to “Abra Trade” which enhanced the capabilities of the trading system by adding new features such as Price Safety and Proactive Recommendations. Sonam also provided an update on upcoming features for the Abra app that the team is currently working on, including Limit Orders and the new NFT product.