Big Crypto Moves Coming

ABRA's Money Talks Podcast

04-11-2022 • 56 minutos

Bill discussed the latest macro news including the upcoming election in the US, Twitter and the latest interest rate hike. He also shared his views on what’s next for crypto and NFT markets. Some of the key highlights of the session are below:

Macro Update - In Bill’s view, November elections shouldn't have much impact on the markets if, as predicted, Republicans take the house. He also commented on the recent news regarding mass layoffs at Twitter and how it makes sense for Twitter to use a Web 3 wallet as they look to monetize from some of their features like the blue check mark.

Crypto Market Update - Instagram has announced that they will be supporting all ETH, SOL and Polygon based NFTs, which is great news for the broader crypto market.

Charting the course for Crypto - We should not be focusing on the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the short term as we are talking about underpinnings of a new financial system which is being adopted in real time which can take up to 15-20 years. BTC and ETH are changing the financial system for everyone. BTC acts like a check on governments, especially those without their own reserve currency; while ETH represents new ways of banking by creating rails for an always-open marketplace with no borders.