Mentally Fit with Jonathan Stinner

Jonathan Stinner

Jonathan Stinner is a Mental Fitness coach for high-performers. Basically a personal trainer for your mind! If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur or a professional who wants to do more in your life & business, you’re in the right place. This show is all about: Living to your fullest potential, experiencing more happiness, fulfillment & success, breaking through the limitations of your mind, showing up with more energy, focus & confidence, overcoming stress & anxiety, and optimizing your physical & mental performance. Jonathan's goal is to support you in your personal development journey so that you can work less, accomplish more, and be happier. Tune in for interviews & Jonathan sharing his own experience & modalities so that you can get Mentally Fit! Follow him @jonathanstinner on Instagram for more mental fitness tips, & stay connected for ways to work with him! read less
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