Episode 18: Navy Club Ship 35: Keep the Fleet to Keep the Peace

Veteran Cast

05-06-2018 • 41 minutos

On 18 June 1938, at a Navy Veterans Reunion in Quincy, Illinois, a new and powerful organization, the Navy Club of the United States of America, was launched. On that day, a Constitution and By-Laws was adopted to govern this unique and distinguished group, speaking the language of the men who go down to the sea in ships. The original organizational committee drew up a broad administrative charter that envisioned a new concept in collectively bringing together the many private Navy Clubs and Navy Veteran Organizations that had sprung up across the country, and by so doing, give each member and prospective member, a powerful voice as a Nationally Recognized Organization. With the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard men and women of the United States formed together in one great powerful service organization, it was concluded that there should come a more extensive and widespread observance of NAVY DAY, now celebrated on the 13th of October each year, a watchful eye on all legislation and laws that concerns a strong United States Navy and National Defense, a guarantee that our Navy will always be kept at such strengths that there will be no more "Pearl Harbors", a more powerful influence on American thinking on the importance of a "First Class Navy", a better and more informed medium through which the Navy Department can convey its problems to all American citizens, and to join together all sailors, marines and Coast Guard personnel into a closer comradeship. Special Guest: Geoff McCuen.