Episode 24. Mel Charlot: Dancer & Choreographer


29-03-2023 • 1 hora 2 minutos

Everyone has heard about Lizzo's iconic dance group: THE BIG GRRRLS. Today, we are so lucky to get a glimpse into this world with guest Mel Charlot. She is a Montreal born choreographer and dancer for THE BIG GIRRLS!!

Mel talks to us about her career in dance; what the L.A. dance hustle is like and how she got to where she is today; what the Big Grrrls has come to mean to her and why representation is so important.

Mel gets candid about grief, motherhood, pregnancy and postpartum. Life hasn't been without it's challenges for Mel. This episode will leave you fuelled perspective and in awe of the power of faith.

This episode is huge and we cannot wait for you all to hear it!