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Urbane Legends

Chris Flynn & Neil Herbert

In this Podcast, two debonair Gentlemen paranormal researchers look into some of the HOTTEST and most popular urban legends. Swearing throughout.

Are you a fan of hauntings, vortexes, lay lines, mysterious shit and Pigman? Well this is the pod for you. Each week a new urban legend is looked at with a non-scientific rigour only seen usually at the top of government. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fast forward you may even fall in love (unrelated).

Feel free to email about the show if you have any theories about anything discussed, and urban legends you want us to look at, if you want any advice on etiquette or anything or have a speed boat to sell Neil. If the email is insulting I should state in advance that I have a black web hacker on retainer and I am very vindictive.


All people, characters, places, names, animals, words, science basically everything is for purely entertainment purposes and any resemblance to any person, company or character, alive or dead, real or imagined is pure coincidence. Even if I name them, actually especially then.

Neil is played by William Boxtooth

Chris is played by Java Edge

Produced by Baron Geoff Khalid

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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