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Welcome to the Skullie & Shem Podcast where we don't know what we're doing, but we're doing our best. We're a couple of anime nerds who have nothing better to do than talk about our favorite shows, characters, and storylines. Skullie has over 40K followers on TikTok making anime content (@happypancake234) and Shem has over 15 years of anime watching under his belt. We're just here to have a great time and share our passion and love of anime with you. read less


Rei Todoroki, Cosplay, and Feminism in Media with Earthquake Cosplays | Episode #12
Rei Todoroki, Cosplay, and Feminism in Media with Earthquake Cosplays | Episode #12
Today we interview our friend Earth discussing what it's like to be Rei Todoroki on TikTok, the fandoms of our formative years, and feminism in media.  Follow Earth on all platforms: Earth's Cosplays! the 0:00-2:25What drew Earth to Rei Todoroki? 2:25 - 6:35The Humble Beginnings of Mama Rei 6:35 - 9:04Earth’s Relationship with Harry Potter (and ranting about J.K. Rowling) 9:04 - 21:50Skullie’s Formative Fandoms 21:50 - 27:27More Fandoms we Love (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Fire Emblem) 27:27 - 37:33Characters Earth Simps for: 37:33 - 40:40Stranger Things 40:40 - 44:05First Experience with Cosplay 44:05 - 46:36The Community of Fandom and being an adult 46:36 - 54:58Being Rei Todoroki 54:58 - 1:05:15Why Women Like MHA 1:05:15 - 01:26:15Let the Girls Be & Earth’s Life Update 01:26:15 - 01:30:34Queer Theory in Media  01:30:34 - 01:39:10The Moms of MHA 01:39:10 - 01:55:47Thirsty Thoughts 01:55:47 - 02:08:10Closing Thoughts 02:08:10Listen on SPOTIFY: Thoughts e-mail address:skullieandshem@gmail.comMore anime content and nonsense: I'm watching right now:Soul EaterMy Hero Academia (new season)SPY X FAMILY (new season)Witch Hat Atelier (manga)Support the show