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15-05-2023 ÔÇó 6 minutos

I would argue that when Trump offered pardons to most of the January 6th terrorists, that is providing aid & comfort to terrorists! AS PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2024 I DEMAND HE IS CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FROM OFFICE UNDER FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT #TRISTA4PREZ! ­čÄë I ALSO DEMAND COURT-ORDERED PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION OF TRUMP HE IS CLEARLY INSANE AND HOMICIDAL! Besides he's directly responsible for over a million American deaths so far so why should we allow him one f*** second longer thinking he can be president again! AMERICA YOU ARE BEING ROBBED BLIND I'm demanding a response from each of the members of Congress on three questions. 1. YOU ARE A SITTING MEMBER OF CONGRESS: Have you read the U.S. Constitution? 2. DID YOU SEE THE PART-- 14TH AMENDMENT, SECTION 3 WHERE IT SAYS NO F* INSURRECTIONIST MAY HOLD OFFICE?? 3) DEMS: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO EXPEL THE GOP TRAITORS IN YOUR MIDST? REPUBIKKKUNTS: RESIGN TO FACE PROSECUTION FOR #JAN6 #INSURRECTION! My cousin was a general ­čśü THESE MFRS MUST BE CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC TERRORISM! & All the GOP traitors in Congress removed and fn disqualified! Call doj 202-514-2000 now DEMAND#trump disqualified along with the 160 other GOP traitors in Congress for insurrection! Tell your reps in Congress 202-224-3121 read the constitution! 14th Amendment section 3 clearly says no insurrectionist May hold office!!!!! There's some free legal advice for e jean CARROLL- I'm not a lawyer but a friend who THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO ALL WOMEN ­čĺĽ! Immediately file to sue him actually it would be easier this time it will go straight to damages according to Meidastouch lawyers! And because he is a repeat offender the punitive damages will escalate ­čśü I say nail him!!!!!! @msnbc I'm covering what Laurence O Donnel, #chrishayes @Rachelmaddow and the sane people like #Arimelber of MSNBC are saying about the town hall that platform to serial rapist and traitor in thief! They all would agree that Trump is the greatest threat to our democracy, or Democratic Republic if you like, that we have ever seen! NEED A REMIND YOU AMERICA PEOPLE BUT HE TRIED TO SEIZE VOTING MACHINES HAVE MARTIAL LAW TO IMPOSE HIS WILL OF SEIZING POWER AND CONTROLLING THIS COUNTRY! HE WAS GOING TO INSTALL HIMSELF AS A F****** DICTATOR DUHHHH ­čÖä DISQUALIFY HIM NOW, TWO AND A F****** HALF YEARS AGO!! MAKE SOME FREE PHONE CALLS AMERICA LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING 202-514-2000!!!!! CNN TOWN HALL WAS BLATANT RACISM MEETS JERRY SPRINGER" AND WE WILL BE REELING FOR DECADES FROM ALL THE DAMAGES TRUMP HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY HEY JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND FBI WAKE THE F UP AND DO YOUR JOB! DISQUALIFY THIS MFG TRAITOR IMMEDIATELY AND REMOVE ALL THESE MFG TRAITORS IN CONGRESS 160 OF THEM THEY ALL MUST GO DO YOUR F* JOB NOW! GET OFF YOUR BUREAUCRATIC ASS AND MAKE SOME CHARGES NOW NOW!!!! THE CNNTOWNHALL PLATFORMING SERIAL RAPIST AND TRAITOR IN THIEF DONALD JACKASS TRUMP? EVIDENTIARY GOLD FOR PROSECUTORS, SAYS GLENN KIRSCHNER TOP PROSECUTOR HIMSELF! KEARSCHNER PREDICTS THAT DIAPERDON WILL SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE " ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE V!" Anothet mfg* GOP candidate is trying to call for raising the voting age to 25! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES ­čŹĆ­čŹÄ