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Rayna Neises

A Season of Caring Podcast is a place to find hope for your Season of Caring.  Pointing listeners to the hope they can find in God even in the busyness and loneliness of caregiving. I want you to know that I see you and God sees you. What you are doing is not only difficult, and often overwhelming, but it's also one of the most important and rewarding things you can do.

The guests featured are both everyday family members who are caregiver survivors and those who are still in the middle of their caring season.  At times, you will meet professionals who bring their experience and compassion for you to our conversations.

I want you to feel encouraged and hopeful after our time together, so you can spend this season with no regrets, living content, and loving well.

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Legacy, Health and Innovation:  Stories of Hope with Terri Liggins
Legacy, Health and Innovation: Stories of Hope with Terri Liggins
Terri Liggins' journey from Las Vegas back home to Columbus, Ohio, was not just a change in location, but the start of her caregiving story that she passionately shares with us on the Season of Caring podcast. Losing her father, taking care of her mother, and dealing with life during a global pandemic is a story that many of us can relate to. Terri openly shares the challenges and unexpected blessings of caring for a loved one, giving listeners a heartfelt look into the realities of preparing for life's uncertainties.Terri recounts her and her mom's transformation by the remarkable benefits of a raw, plant-based diet. Our discussion also touches on the solitary nature of caregiving. Terri and I emphasize the critical need for self-care to prevent burnout, underscoring that caregivers must replenish their own wells to continue giving to others. This is a testament to the power of dietary choices and the delicate balance caregivers must navigate to maintain their own well-being while supporting their loved ones.The episode culminates in an exploration of innovation within the caregiving community, as we delve into Terri's creation of a caregiving app, 4th Quarter Lifestyle . This tool will stand as a beacon of support, offering resources, legal assistance, and community connection to those who give so much of themselves. This celebration honors the stories that unite us, the power we gain from shared experiences, and the sense of empowerment that results from easily accessible and professional assistance. Join us for a conversation that acknowledges the resilience of those in the trenches of caregiving and offers a dose of inspiration for anyone navigating this season of life.
Marriage Strengthened by Caregiving and Devotion: Stories of Hope with Joan Borton
Marriage Strengthened by Caregiving and Devotion: Stories of Hope with Joan Borton
When you meet someone who navigates life's hurdles with grace and a smile, you can't help but want to delve into their story. That's precisely what we do with Joan Borton, a disability advocate whose marriage to Jerry—a man living with cerebral palsy—is a beacon of love, faith, and dedication. Joan opens her heart to us, recounting the evolution from their serendipitous meeting to the deepened bond that caregiving has woven into their partnership. She isn't shy about the obstacles: managing a long-distance relationship pre-marriage, financial tightropes, and the emotional whirlwind that comes with caregiving. This tale is not only about struggles, but also about celebrating the intimate joys and unspoken understanding that grows in a relationship supported by both partners.This episode offers more than just a peek into the life of a couple; it provides a wealth of valuable insights for anyone embarking on a caregiving journey. Joan, with her transition from professional to family caregiver, sheds light on the profound emotional shifts, the protective instincts that surge unexpectedly, and the life lessons that emerge from selfless service. We face challenges and experience love and frustration in caregiving, finding contentment in serving others. Joan's experiences serve as a powerful reminder that fully embracing our roles, whether in marriage, faith, or caregiving, can bring us immense strength and deep contentment.
Caregiving a Journey of Heart and Spirit:  Stories of Hope with Althea McIntyre
Caregiving a Journey of Heart and Spirit: Stories of Hope with Althea McIntyre
Althea McIntyre joins host, Rayna Neises, in this episode. She shares her perspective on the connection between caregiving, faith, and personal growth. They delve into the rich tapestry of caregiving, sharing insights from their own experiences with their fathers. From the intense demands of high-need periods to the tranquility of more stable times, exploring the full spectrum of emotions and responsibilities that define the caregiver's role.Contemplating the impact of creating significant moments, such as Althea's life-changing adventure to Aruba alongside her father, which have the power to bring immense happiness and satisfaction to the caregiving journey. Also discussing practical ways to adapt activities to maintain engagement and connection, such as creating a garden driving tour for a loved one.The episode ends with discussion about the deep spiritual and personal change that can come from taking care of someone else. Through caregiving and experiencing loss, we often recognize the presence of gods in our lives and face the challenge of replacing them with the one true God.Althea shares her expertise in spirit-led sales and explains how combining faith with business skills can bring success. She also invites listeners to join her upcoming five-day challenge.This episode combines resilience, hope, and the enduring spirit of human connection, providing a source of inspiration for caregivers on their own journeys.
Best of #1:  Stories of Hope with Tammy Marvin
Best of #1: Stories of Hope with Tammy Marvin
Caregiving, in its rawest form, is an odyssey of love, loss, and resilience that can both break and fortify the human spirit. Witness the profound journey of Tammy Marvin as she shares her experiences of bidding a sacred farewell to her mother, father, and sister. Through her sorrow and strength, you'll find solace in the invisible threads of faith and family that hold us together, even as the physical world tries to pull us apart.Tammy's voice resonates with the echoes of a blended family's love, and the episode is laden with moments that reveal the tender balance between joy and challenge in caregiving. The tales unfold to show how spiritual awakenings and the warmth of shared laughter can pierce through the veil of mundane routines, creating a haven of memories and silent strength. Tammy's stories are a testament to the unexpected gifts that caregiving can bestow upon the ones who walk alongside those nearing life's final threshold.This episode is not just a conversation; it's a beacon of guidance for those navigating the turbulent waters of caring for a loved one. It underscores the necessity of a robust support system and the art of maintaining balance amidst the storm of emotions. Tammy's insights on self-care and finding peace in grief shine a light on the path to emotional well-being. Her wisdom serves as an intimate roadmap for fellow caregivers, reminding us that even in the toughest goodbyes, one can find the grace of a life well-loved and a departure free of regret.
Best of 2023:  Stories of Hope with Minty Swanson
Best of 2023: Stories of Hope with Minty Swanson
When Minty Swanson agreed to join me on the podcast, I knew her story would resonate with anyone who has ever loved deeply and fought fiercely. Minty bravely opens up about her role as a caregiver for her husband, Chris, weaving through the complexities of multiple cancer diagnoses during the isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her narrative is a testament to the resilience and humor that can spring from the heaviest of hearts, providing a beacon for those navigating the rough seas of terminal illness within their own families.Our conversation takes us into the heart of caregiving grief, a type of mourning that begins far before a final goodbye. Together, we uncover the small, cumulative losses that quietly stack up, from the missed bike rides and date nights to the shifting dynamics of a partnership in the shadow of illness. Minty shares how the brain's defense mechanisms kick in, and we ponder the spiritual solace that can arise in the mist of nature or the sanctuary of faith. With a course on the horizon to support those in the caregiving trenches, our discussion offers a roadmap to acknowledging grief as the first step on the path to healing.In what becomes a soul-stirring reminder, Minty and I explore the vital importance of self-care amidst the demands of caregiving. She shares how she anchors herself in the present, finding joy in life's simpler moments and the creative outlet of mixed media art. In prioritizing her own well-being, Minty offers a blueprint for caregivers to maintain balance and lean into the steady embrace of faith. This episode is more than a conversation—it's an affirmation of the strength found in love, hope, and the shared bond of those who answer the call to care for others.
The Loving Struggle of Caregiving While Parenting: Stories of Hope with Jill
The Loving Struggle of Caregiving While Parenting: Stories of Hope with Jill
Have you ever wondered what it's like to care for a loved one with dementia while raising you kids? Join us as Jill Pietroburgo shares her heartwarming journey of caring for her mother and raising her children. Jill, an early childhood special education and co-founder of Eagles Wings Ministry, gracefully and lovingly navigates the complexities of dementia caregiving. She offers a unique perspective on the challenges and successes of this journey. Jill's story takes us from the onset of her mother's illness, through the difficulties of finding suitable care, and ultimately, her mother's passing. She shares emotional moments, like helping her mother say goodbye to her older sister, and talks about the different, sometimes surprising, aspects of caregiving. But it's not all challenges and heartache; Jill explores how caregiving can serve as an expression of Christ's love, and the importance of teaching children to love and respect their aging grandparents.Beyond just sharing her personal experiences, Jill provides guidance and hope for fellow caregivers. She shares about her first children's book- a tool for parents helping their young children understand dementia and her contribution to Content Magazine's autumn 2023 edition. Whether you are a caregiver or know someone who is, this episode provides valuable insights for navigating the challenging, yet fulfilling journey of caring for someone with dementia.
A Difficult Relationship and Honoring Wishes Brings Healing:  Stories of Hope with Lil Glamben
A Difficult Relationship and Honoring Wishes Brings Healing: Stories of Hope with Lil Glamben
Do you find yourself struggling with the complex dynamics of caregiving? Meet Lil Glamben, someone who knows firsthand how caregiving can change and strain a relationship. Lil faced numerous challenges while caring for her mother and stepfather during her own menopause journey. Despite facing challenges, she approached them with unwavering faith, which led her to not only overcome them, but also experience profound personal growth and uncover unforeseen paths to healing. Lil talks openly about caregiving and highlights the important but sometimes unnoticed parts of this challenging task. She emphasizes the importance of respecting her mother's wishes, even if it meant being less involved than she had planned. By doing so, she was able to provide the support her stepfather needed and then care for him, which led to a profound journey of healing. Lil’s story reminds us of the importance of finding help during tough times. It offers inspiration for others going through similar situations.As our conversation comes to an end, we delve into the significance of nurturing oneself, embracing joy, and creating meaningful daily rituals throughout the menopausal journey. Lil explains how understanding multitasking and serving others can bring about positive changes, leading to more happiness and fulfillment. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration during their midlife caregiving season.
From Personal Experience to Public Advocacy: Stories of Hope with Dr. George Ackerman
From Personal Experience to Public Advocacy: Stories of Hope with Dr. George Ackerman
Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders while caring for a loved one suffering from a debilitating disease? Dr. George Ackerman knows that feeling all too well. He opens his heart and shares his personal journey of caregiving for his late mother, Sharon, who battled both Parkinson's and dementia. His poignant narrative about the challenges he faced in ensuring proper medication and making the difficult decision to keep her at home is bound to resonate with many listeners.Dr. Ackerman's dedication to raising awareness about Parkinson's disease is evident in his tireless work with the Together for Sharon. He also emphasizes the importance of movement for those living with Parkinson's, a simple yet crucial aspect that greatly impacts their quality of life. His family's trials and tribulations with his mother's dual diagnosis, as well as the support they received from the American Parkinson's Disease Association, offer a realistic look at what life is like for caregivers and their loved ones.In the final segment of our conversation, George finds the strength to share uplifting stories and offer messages of hope and resilience. Through his platform, Together for Sharon, and his advocacy work, he continues to inspire and support those who are navigating their own seasons of caregiving. Tune in to hear how Dr. George Ackerman's experiences serve as a beacon of light for others amidst the challenging world of caregiving.
Know Your Best is Enough: Stories of Hope with Gaylynn Green
Know Your Best is Enough: Stories of Hope with Gaylynn Green
Ever grappled with the emotional rollercoaster of being a caregiver? Join me for an enlightening chat with Gaylynn Green about her experience caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s. Gaylynn talks about her initial fears when she started noticing her mother's dementia symptoms. She also shares her struggles to make her concerns understood by her mother's doctor. Challenges of caregiving from afar led to moving her to Gaylynn's home for better care.Gaylynn’s story reveals the touching beauty of her mother’s character. Despite her disease, her mother always managed to find moments of humor and share a glimpse into her personality. We touch on the crucial role faith played in providing Gaylynn with strength and peace. Listen to her internal conflict between not wanting her mother to suffer and the fear of losing her. Gaylynn’s journey highlights the indispensable need for patience, love, and a strong sense of advocacy in caregiving.A key take-away from our conversation is the importance of self-compassion during these challenging times. As caregivers, it’s easy to overlook our needs. However, it’s vital to remember to be kind to ourselves. We talked about the importance of trusting our intuition, asking for help when necessary, and finding healthcare professionals who appreciate the caregiver's point-of-view. Gaylynn’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the vital role of advocacy in caregiving. Immerse yourself in Gaylynn’s inspiring journey and extract valuable lessons that can guide your caregiving journey.
Unexpected Joys in Caregiving: Stories of Hope with Deb Farris
Unexpected Joys in Caregiving: Stories of Hope with Deb Farris
Can love bloom amidst the challenges of caregiving? Join me, Rayna Neises, as we explore this question with our special guest Deb Farris.  Deb is a former equity actor, singer, dancer and caregiver for her parents. Despite the obstacles she encountered, she found an extraordinary strength to love and take care of her parents.  Her father's stories from his childhood, his passion for horses, and their shared meals became an inspiration for her writing and faith.Deb takes us on a heartfelt journey of her deepening faith as she navigated through her caregiving season. This transformative period in her life revealed her own gifts and brought unexpected joy even amidst difficult times. Through her faith, she found hope and healing, and she encourages all of us to do the same. Her journey is a testament to how faith can be a beacon of light even in our darkest hours, and it's a story that needs to be heard.  As we conclude this enlightening episode, she reflects on how her daily practice of reading the Bible and praying has transformed her life. She emphasizes the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to interpret the Bible to us and to listen for God's voice in all aspects of our lives. Deb's message of finding hope and purpose is truly inspiring. Listen in as she shares her words of wisdom for caregivers, including the crucial importance of self-care. If you're seeking hope and resilience in the face of great challenges, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in as we explore Deb's incredible journey.