S2E7. UConn Leaders: Abbey Conrad, HuskyTHON Executive Director

My First Year Story

17-02-2022 • 27 minutos

With HuskyTHON quickly approaching, the My First Year Story Podcast welcomes Abbey Conrad, this year’s Executive Director. Abbey walks Tomaso through the different aspects of HuskyTHON, from what it is to how to register (spoiler alert: anyone in the UConn community can register!) to the different levels of getting involved. She also goes into her journey in getting involved in HuskyTHON, which started freshman year in her sorority, and her “why she dances”. HuskyTHON is more than just a fundraiser, it is about strengthening the community and “dancing for those who can’t”. If you are looking to learn more about HuskyTHON or just looking for a heartwarming story, then make sure to tune into this episode.

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