S2E6. UConn Majors: Biology with Dr. Kline and Naydu

My First Year Story

03-02-2022 • 43 minutos

This week, the My First Year Story Podcast returns to the major series, welcoming Dr. Elizabeth Kline and Naydu Nunno from UConn’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) Biology Department and Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Department. Dr. Kline is a professor in both departments, teaching introductory biology courses along with higher-level MCB writing courses. Naydu, a pre-med student, facilitates Dr. Kline’s BIO 1107 Supplemental Instruction (SI) and works in a research lab on campus. This episode covers themes of support, purpose, and taking your time, as our guests talk with Tomaso about pre-med culture, the struggles of graduate school, learning to focus on yourself, and so much more. Anyone, from first-year students starting off in a STEM field to those not sure about what to do after graduation can learn something from this episode.