S2E10. UConn Majors: School of Business with Kelly, Alexandra & Katelyn

My First Year Story

31-03-2022 • 29 minutos

On this week’s episode, Tomaso sits down with Kelly Kennedy, the Director of Transformative Learning, and two undergraduate TA’s, Alexandra Stamboulis and Katelyn Desautels to discuss UConn's School of Business. With experience working in universities and in private companies, Kelly felt drawn back to the college setting help young professionals and ensure that students can bridge the gap between what they learn in their academics and how to apply those experiences to future careers. She wants students to take advantage of every opportunity and resource available to them. Alexandra and Katelyn, both seniors, feel as though they have experienced UConn at its fullest. Through their involvement in different clubs and organizations, they continue to build their networks of peers and professionals. Tune in to learn more about the School of Business at UConn and all that it has to offer.

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