Health Revolution with V

Veronica "V" Kolibab

The “Health Revolution With V” Show is your hub of all things integrative, holistic, and natural health!

We have some amazing conversations with professionals in their field of expertise, all around our
greatest health, happiness, and wellness!

I, Veronica Kolibab of “Eating With V”, am your hostess with the mostest! I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and integrative health is my passion! Having been very sick many years ago and being told “you can never heal that condition naturally” and actually doing it, is what set me on the course to help as many people as I possibly can to live their healthiest and best life!

Integrative Nutrition goes far beyond just the food on our plates! Integrative Nutrition encompasses so many areas of our life including relationships, our job/career, spirituality, home environment, education, home cooking, physical activity, health, joy, finances, social life, creativity, and so much more! Our health is affected by everything we CONSUME! From food, to relationships, to music and tv, to our work and home environments! It includes everything we see, touch, taste, hear, and feel!

I plan to share with you some absolutely incredible people who are either practitioners of some amazing natural or integrative health modality, or those who provide amazing services and/or products that are unique and making a powerful impact on people’s lives!

My mission for this show is that we will create a community of likeminded people who are passionate about real health, not disease management, and support each other by providing valuable information about things that are beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing!

The Health Revolution With V show will launch a new episode each week on Monday’s at 5:00 pm! Every week will be a different special guest sharing very valuable information in one of the areas of Integrative Nutrition!

I invite you to visit my website at - you can find the video and podcast
information as well as all of my social medias, my Eating With V cooking shows, Food Labels 101
trainings, and the opportunity to learn about hidden sugars and label reading at a substantial discount!

Anyone who takes my class from this show will receive $20.00 off the retail price of $49.00 by using

Join me on this Integrative Health Adventure!

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