Doub Pearce

Harmony&Improvisation is a Vidcast/Podcast dedicated to helping musicians of all levels to hear, know, and play better music; as well as more styles of music. The goal is to make Harmonic and improvisational Principles readily available to: 1. Students who don’t have local access to teachers, 2. Teachers who don’t have time to teach performance and theory together, and would like an online resource to guide their students to, and 3. Those who just like to study music online on their own. We want to offer information, but more importantly inspiration, to musicians who want to understand how music works “under the hood”. We have started episodes very slowly and simply to help beginners know how basic principles of harmony and melody work. These include sound examples, exercises and tests. Further episodes will continue to dig deeper and reach further into music, exploring different sounds and styles (harmonic and melodic minor studies, etc). These will also include explanations, song or sound examples, and continued testing. We hope to show all interested students that they can become confident in any musical situation with a comprehensive study of the sounds that are contained in Harmony&Improvisation. read less