Anything for the Bees

Lingokids: Growin' Up! —Discover dream jobs!

13-10-2023 • 12 minutos

Have you ever seen a real beehive? 🐝🐝 Or wondered where all of your delicious honey comes from? This week, Emily and Winston suit up and visit a bee yard, plunging listeners into the fascinating world of bees! Join us as our curious duo explore an old building with a beehive that’s about to be torn down. Can Emily and Winston save the bees before it’s too late? Join us to find out! Along with all of your buzzing questions, like: what does a beekeeper actually do? How is honey made? How long has beekeeping been around for (psst: centuries!). Buckle up for this bee-autiful adventure!

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A Lingokids Original podcast produced by Paradiso Media.
Starring Emily Calandrelli as Herself and Brock Powell as Winston.
Executive Producers: Emi Norris, Benoit Dunaigre, Lorenzo Benedetti, Louis Daboussy
Supervising Producer: Agathe Bouzat
Producer: Abi McNeil
With additional production support from Molly O’Keefe, Aimie Faconnier
Head Writer: Blake Knight
Associate Producer: Brendan Galbreath
Production Coordinators: Maddy Weinberg, Lucine Dorso
Editor: Jules Benveniste
Additional editing: Theo Albaric
Videographer: Andrew Lemon
Photographer: Kimberly Delamater
Theme Song Written by: Fredrika Stahl
Theme Song Composed by: Fredrika Stahl
Music Production: Dimitri Peronno
Theme Song Performed by: The Angel City Youth Chorale directed by Heather Catalena
Recording Engineers: Bill Trousdale at Audiovisions and Jason Schimmel at Bunker Studios
Legal Services: Lisa Nitti, Ludye Nisol, Alix d’Argentré
Special thanks to: Yael Even Or, Winfred Neisser, James O’Keefe

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