Holistic Vigilantes

Dr. Kimberly Baer and Dr. Jennifer Tipograph

Join the Holistic Vigilantes on their quest for whole-body health and wellness! Laugh and learn with Dr. Kimberly Baer and Dr. Jennifer Tipograph, two female dentists who are breaking the molds to provide modern dentistry that does not come at the expense of overall health. At their holistic dental practice, Natural Dentist Associates in Rockville, MD, these ladies offer alternative dental treatments like ozone therapy, natural dental implants, amalgam filling removal, and dental materials testing. The vigilantes are kicking butt and taking names in this hot new podcast as they ask the important questions, bringing you knowledge and insight from over 30 years of experience. Buckle up for a wild ride down the meridian highway to explore the connection between oral health and whole-body health with the Holistic Vigilantes! We’re saving the world, one smile at a time! read less
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