S2 Ep 2: Terry McMillan

The Erica James Show

22-07-2023 • 43 minutos

You are listening to Season 2, Episode 2 of 'The Erica James Show' Podcast - an exclusive interview with special guest, American Novelist, Terry McMillan. Terry McMillan is a trailblazing #1 NY Best Selling Novelist. Her work centres around the experiences of Black women in the United States and across the diaspora.

The novelist is best known for penning classics including her debut novel " Mama ", " Waiting to Exhale " and " How Stella got Her Groove Back ", the latter two titles would eventually be developed into hit movies: "Waiting to Exhale" (1995, film) becoming actor Forest Whitakers directorial debut; fresh of the success of blockbuster " The Bodyguard ", Music Icon, Whitney Houston; Academy Award Winning Actress Angela Basset; Emmy Award Winning Actress Loretta Devine and then rising star Lela Rochon.

Terry has shared her knowledge on writing around the world, teaching at many institutions including Columbia University. Terry stopped by 'The Erica James Show' to discuss her phenomenal career, and upcoming book: "Safety". Topics:

- Terry's Early beginnings | How Terry Became a Writer | Advice to new Writers | Comparisons with other writers | How to find your voice as a Writer | The genius that is Forest Whitaker | Will there be a 'Waiting to Exhale 2' in the Cinema | Terry on her New book: "Safety"

- End -

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