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Ep 4 - Dobie Gray, Northern Soul and Beyond

Wise Choice

26-10-2022 • 45 minutos

This episode looks at the history and connections in Northern Soul including Dobie Gray, Marlena Shaw, Mel & Tim, Billy Preston and Merry Clayton.

Wise Choice is an official Wise Music Group podcast celebrating 50 years of Wise Music and taking the opportunity to delve into the vast catalogue of incredible songs and artists that are part of the Wise family. The show is hosted by Wise Music songwriting and composing team Adam and Paula Pickering aka The Daydream Club. They asked the Wise Music teams from all over the world to choose their absolute favourite songs from the Wise Music catalogue (their Wise Choice). From this list Adam & Paula look into the history surrounding the songs and where the story leads them with connections to other notable versions, covers and samples.

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The ‘In' Crowd - Dobie Gray

The ’In’ Crowd - The Mamas & the Papas

The ‘In’ Crowd - The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Let’s Wade In The Water - Marlena Shaw

Backfield in Motion - Mel & Tim

The Girl’s Got it - Billy Preston

I’ve Got My Eyes On You - Merry Clayton

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