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27-02-2024 ‚ÄĘ 0 segundos

top forex platforms

Before you use FiboStrategy MT4 , I recommend using Algo X.1 , the EA from EliteMarketMovers(dot)com because, in my opinion, the EA from EliteMarketMovers(dot)com is much better than FiboStrategy MT4; just go to their homepage and download it there. However, if you want to download FiboStrategy MT4 , you can use the link below.

About FiboStrategy MT4

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The indicator is based on Fibo levels.
The Indicator's Objective Calculation of the first market movement (from levels 0 to 100). Displaying possible price movement from 100 and higher to Profit Level , as well as in the opposite direction to Correction level  and Revers level depending on the direction. The indicator is not redrawn! All indicator levels can be configured by users: CorrectLvl - correction level. When reached, level 100 is drawn (the market has performed its first movement). Th


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