Raising Yourself Up

Ben Povlow

Raining Yourself Up is hosted by self-help author and certified life coach Ben Povlow. Each episode of this show will focus on a topic that will get you one step closer to feeling better, taking control of your life, and reaching your full potential. This show is not just about raising yourself up physically, but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Tune in to see what powerful insights Ben is offering today! For more information about Ben, his books, and past episodes of this podcast, go to https://www.theselfhelpcompany.com

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43. Introduction to Ben Povlow's book, Self-Help for At-Risk Teens. Read by the author.
43. Introduction to Ben Povlow's book, Self-Help for At-Risk Teens. Read by the author.
This episode contains the introduction to the book, Self-Help for At-Risk Teens, being read by the author, Ben Povlow.Life can be messy, but the mess doesn’t have to define you. Keep listening to find out how to begin improving the quality of your life today!Self-Help for At-Risk Teens was written from the perspective of someone who has been there. Through my words and the hard lessons I have learned from watching my life spiral out of control, I present a no-nonsense approach to taking control of your life. By pressing play, you will learn how to overcome the odds and live the life you were always meant to live.My story is the story of so many young people in the world. Although the names and places may be different, the poor decision-making skills and everything that follows is universal to those who don’t yet know how to channel their pain and restore their hope for a better future. Thankfully, after narrowly escaping the worst possible outcome, I found my way out of the hopelessness and despair.In this book, I share what helped me in the hopes it will help you as you heal and grow.By reading the book or listening to this episode and the 16 that follow it, you’ll discover:What’s putting you at riskHow anger affects youHow to adapt to your living situationThe dangers of drugs and alcoholSelf-development strategiesAnd much more!If you’re ready to see lasting changes and live the life of your dreams, this book is the perfect tool to help you get there.Click here to view the book on Amazon.comThanks for listening,Ben PovlowSupport the showThank you for tuning in. I hope you can take some of my knowledge and experience and apply it to your life.Ben Povlowwww.theselfhelpcompany.com