3 Years Ahead

Ascential Digital Commerce

Making tough decisions is part of the job description of a CEO - but how does a CEO make decisions for the future, sometimes many years ahead, that can make or break a business? That’s where Duncan Painter, CEO of Ascential plc comes in. Ascential is a specialist information, data, and eCommerce optimization company. Through his conversations with other executives in the highly dynamic digital commerce industry, you'll learn from these leaders how they set their strategies looking several years ahead. The competitive retail market landscape is ever-changing, and those leading the largest brands, manufacturers, platforms and marketplaces themselves have to pivot quickly while still predicting the future. Duncan made the decision to pivot Ascential in the direction of eCommerce to take advantage of a rare and significant growth opportunity where Ascential is uniquely positioned to win, and he is keen to speak with fellow leaders, and learn from each other. You won’t want to miss the honest, engaging, and insightful conversations of ‘3 Years Ahead.’ read less