Keith and Kelly Show

Keith Robert Gordon and Kelly Moser

The Keith and Kelly Show is a weekly real estate podcast focused squarely on the real estate agent and their success. We basically have two characters from different backgrounds converging on a topic that both know very well – the world of real estate. Keith Robert Gordon is a real estate broker and businessperson. Kelly Moser is a professional high-performance coach. Keith brings his vast expertise as a veteran broker since 1984 with over 4000 closed sell-side transactions, the author of “The Listing Agent” - a book about managing sellers’ expectation; how to never leave any money on the table while negotiating; how to speak with authority that wins listings; and how he gets 5- star reviews. Keith holds a broker’s license in Florida, Colorado and North Carolina (co-founded Altru Realty); he also holds a Florida title insurance license (co-founded New Frontier Title) and an MLO (not active yet). Keith is also the co-founder of Showing Bee, a listing aggregation company and a showing service which launches in June 2022. Kelly Moser is the founder of the Moser Movement and is a high-performance coach. Kelly helps agents find their best version of themselves by focusing on what they are doing right and wrong while eliminating things that don’t make money; and fine tuning the mind to perform at a higher level. Keith and Kelly make quite a dynamic duo. Keith is double Kelly’s age at 63 while Kelly is new father and a Millennial. Kelly talks like a hillbilly from North Carolina (which he is) while Keith would rather be fishing or playing basketball. His basketball friends call him “biker-poet” and his grandkids call him “KIKI.” Keith and Kelly both have the “gift of gab” for real estate matters that are important. While they speak differently, they do have a common trait which is they are both pros at people and real estate. Keith is a well-known master negotiator and has lots to say about real estate, trends, lead generation, risks, negotiating principles, and how to avoid being sued as an agent - while Kelly is a successful high-performance coach helping agents get to where they want to be. This duo brings a highly entertaining weekly podcast focused on helping agents stay in the moment and in the green. read less


The Real Estate Market Has Changed: Your pricing strategy needs to be spot on: Home Sellers make more money and sell faster using this strategy
The Real Estate Market Has Changed: Your pricing strategy needs to be spot on: Home Sellers make more money and sell faster using this strategy
The market appears to have topped in June 2022. Rates and home prices are falling again. Where have the home prices gone? How much has the market dropped? As a listing agent these changes make it difficult to get the right answers out of your mouth, so sellers don’t lose confidence in you or the market. There are two concepts that work perfectly when meeting a seller to list a home. What you say in this new environment and how you say it will determine if you win that listing and how that seller (eventually) comes to grips with the reality of a rapidly shifting real estate market. Podcaster and broker Keith Robert Gordon of Altru Realty loves to do this. This is his skill set as he thoroughly explains how he gets the list price right without offending the seller or the market. The buying frenzy of 2022 was a perfect storm of how to run a bidding war. Now that things have changed there is a lesson here and listing agents should still be putting their buyers in a bidding war. This podcast is about how to do that and get the seller onboard with this strategy. Creating a bidding war even in times where buyers aren’t just throwing money at homeowners is what Keith has done for 12 years at Altru Realty. It's a new market now and this podcast will tune you up, so you don’t lose listings or turn down an overpriced listing. Kelly Moser of the Moser Movement uses Keith strategies when he engages his clients (high performance coach for agents) to get more listings and how to handle home sellers with the right balance of authority, compassion, and skill. This is a podcast that will never get old.