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Tomorrow.Africa #12 - Unveiling UNICEF's Blockchain Innovations for Humanitarian Aid and Impact - Arun Maharajan (UNICEF)
Tomorrow.Africa #12 - Unveiling UNICEF's Blockchain Innovations for Humanitarian Aid and Impact - Arun Maharajan (UNICEF)
In this episode of Tomorrow.Africa, we delve into the exciting world of blockchain technology and its profound impact on humanitarian efforts. Our guest, Arun Maharajan, the blockchain lead at UNICEF, takes us on a journey through UNICEF's innovative initiatives that are reshaping the landscape of humanitarian aid. As the blockchain lead at UNICEF, Arun Maharajan brings his experience in emerging technologies and innovation to the forefront. UNICEF, the United Nations agency dedicated to providing essential support to children worldwide, has stepped into the realm of blockchain with both the Innovation Fund and the Crypto Fund. These unique funds are propelling UNICEF's mission by fostering groundbreaking blockchain solutions and innovations. Throughout the episode, Arun sheds light on how UNICEF's forward-thinking approach has led to pioneering solutions that address a wide range of challenges. From financial inclusion to healthcare advancements, blockchain technology is being harnessed to transform societies and revolutionize the way resources are allocated. With a keen focus on impacting vulnerable communities, UNICEF's efforts are creating lasting change on a global scale. The discussion uncovers the motivations behind UNICEF's adoption of blockchain technology, its journey of exploration and discovery since 2015, and how the agency's unique position as a blockchain outlier is driving groundbreaking innovation. Arun dives into the details of the Innovation Fund and the Crypto Fund, showcasing the impressive impact they've had by funding startups aligned with UNICEF's goals and encouraging the creation of open-source solutions for the world's benefit. From the use of blockchain in financial inclusion to exploring the potential of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), Arun provides insight into the various applications of blockchain technology across different sectors. He shares stories of successful startups, highlights the role of mentorship and community building, and emphasizes the role of blockchain in preserving privacy and trust within UNICEF's operations. This episode uncovers UNICEF's commitment to digital cooperation, digital inclusion, and the protection of human rights as part of the broader UN digital directives. Arun also touches on the agency's flexible approach to blockchain experimentation and its emphasis on sharing knowledge and experiences through their blog.