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Join your host Steve Molk and his guests as they traverse the minefield that is Australian television.The number one TV podcast in Australia for watching the box and telling it like it is (as far as we are concerned). Mostly.Includes interviews, opinion & assumption.

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2016 #Emmys Special Featuring @markhumphries (S06E03 - Ep166)
2016 #Emmys Special Featuring @markhumphries (S06E03 - Ep166)
2016 PRIMETIME EMMYS SPECIAL!The one where Mark Humphries and Steve Molk cast a longing glance at the winners, losers and hosting performance of Jimmy Kimmel at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards.It was a night of diversity. Thanks to THE PEOPLE V OJ SIMPSON being nominated a billion times and winning most of those there was lots of African-American people onstage (which is a great thing), and Jeffrey Tambor's win again for TRANSPARENT along with the most outstanding direction win for the same also meant we got some pretty wide equality all up in our collective grills.Great wins for Rami Malek for MR ROBOT and Tatiani Maslany for ORPHAN BLACK threw the Drama categories wide open too.Add to this so many amazing people passed which meant a special highlight for Gary Shandling (delivered by Tambor), a Henry Winkler-intro'd segment for Garry Marshall that then led into the In Memoriam proper. Cue Hallelujah and questions of "why was that person included in a TV tribute?".It was beige and safe and Kimmel got away mostly clean, but didn't win an award himself - which a wonderful scripted piece with Matt Damon so reminded us of.Sit back, relax and let the dulcet tones of Humphries & Molk wash over you as you reflect on what was a largely successful and incident-free Emmys. Kimmel's Road to the Emmys -'s opening monologue - & Kimmel - Most of Mark Humphries - @markhumphriesSome of Steve Molk - @SteveMolk Hosted on Acast. See for more information.