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You're going to die. Like a food product, you have a personal “best before” date. And before that date, there are memories you want to make, places you want to explore, people you want to meet, and an impact you want to create. The only way to accomplish this before you expire is to reach your full potential. If you're a student that is serious about reaching your potential and living a healthy, happier and more productive life, this show is for you. The High Performing Student Podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, speaker and High-Performance Coach, Sam Demma. Follow along as he shares his personal stories and interviews the world's top performers to bring you actionable tools and strategies to help you become real-world ready. read less


JeVon McCormick - Author, Speaker and Self-Made Multi-Millionaire
JeVon McCormick - Author, Speaker and Self-Made Multi-Millionaire
JeVon McCormick was born the son of a Black pimp father and a white single mother on welfare. Today, he’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar publishing company that was recently ranked the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. JeVon was recently named Best CEO in Austin. He’s made millions in the stock market (even though he didn’t go to college), he was the President of a software company (even though he can’t code) and he’s currently the CEO of a publishing company (even though he can’t spell). JeVon is the President and CEO of Scribe Media, a publishing company that helps individuals from a variety of backgrounds write, publish, and market their books. Scribe Media has worked with 1900+ authors, including members of The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Nassim Taleb and David Goggins, whose blockbuster book Can’t Hurt Me has sold over 2 million copies. In addition to his role at Scribe, JeVon is an author and highly sought-after keynote speaker, delivering the message that “Everyone Has A Story” to enthusiastic audiences across the country. His book, I Got There: How a Mixed-Race Kid Overcame Racism, Poverty, and Abuse to Achieve the American Dream, tells the harrowing story of his struggle to succeed despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him. JeVon is passionate about conscious entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for at-risk youth. He has mentored young men and women in the juvenile justice system, as well as those in lower economic communities. JeVon currently serves as a board member for Conscious Capitalism and the StartEdUp Foundation. His story and work have been featured on CNBC, and in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. magazines. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Megan, and their four children Ava, Jaxon, Elle and Jace. For more information about JeVon: To purchase his book: ----------   Never miss a podcast episode: Connect with Sam: InstagramYoutubeEmail