Robert Knauer-- UNFILTERED!

Robert Knauer CPPO CPCM

This podcaster, Robert Knauer, CPCM CPPO, is a former naval officer, professor of contracts and ethics, senior contracting officer for the federal government (retired), advisor to federal agencies and local governments. He was CEO of a DC Consulting (The Acquisition Institute Inc.), from which he is now retired, consulted to large engineering firms like Parsons Corporation and many others. Today he writes novels and tells real life stories, and share advice that enables listeners to make better life decisions about careers, friends, family, politics and much more. Sometimes he even talks about all things "THE VILLAGES" and all the crazy things going on in Florida that impact all Floridians. GOOGLE "ROBERT KNAUER UNFILTERED" and find all of my podcast episodes YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Postcasts, Google Podcasts, RSS and much more.

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