The Revival of Hometown Hot Rodder!!

Hometown Entertainment Podcasts - Hometown Hot Rodder and HHR Unplugged

11-04-2024 • 2 horas 14 minutos

Join us for an electrifying journey as the "Hometown Hot Rodder" show shakes off retirement and revs up for a thrilling comeback. In a lively conversation filled with laughter, surprises, and big announcements, we start a new chapter with Hometown Entertainment Group. Listen in for our plans to shape Hometown Hot Rodder into more than a talk show, and hear the team's thoughts about the balance between humility and self-belief. Our audience is growing and diversifying, and our show possesses a universal appeal. Get ready as we buckle up for an exciting ride and help us spread the word about what's yet to come on HHR Unplugged "Battle of the Bars: Spotlight on North Texas Music. In this immersive episode, get a comprehensive peek behind the curtain of preparing for the grand music event, Battle of the Bars in North Texas. From our unique marketing approach, leveraging social media and audience participation, to reward systems and prospects for winners, get all the juicy details! Hear about why certain events were cancelled and understand the absolute importance of showing up. Delve into the intricate workings of running a podcast in this candid, insightful episode. From misconceptions about lavish profits, hefty costs of quality equipment and subscriptions, and securing essential sponsorships, we lay it all bare. This episode offers a critical view of our entrepreneurial journey, setting the record straight regarding the financial upkeep of our podcast and its business model. Join us as we shed light on the common misconceptions and the hard truths about making a podcast work.