29. Exploring with Purpose with Jean-Baptiste from Nomad Plastic

Pristine Ocean Podcast

16-10-2021 • 15 minutos

Nomad Plastic


You have probably heard the term.

You might be attracted to the idea that your personal travels could not just expand your own personal universe but could also have a positive impact on the environment of the place you are visiting.

You might wish that the people who live there would benefit by maybe expanding their view of the environment. This could happen by an exchange of information and ideas to address environmental challenges.

Imagine travelling with a group of 10 people onboard a  traditionally built wooden boat, through far-flung islands in Indonesia. The boat is run on zero waste principles and at each stop, you explore the environment through the eyes of the local people.

I think that would be attractive to a lot of people. I personally would love a journey like that.

Today we are talking to a JB from the company Nomad Plastic

From spring 2022 Nomad Plastic will be running tours, like these.

JB graduate engineer who has just completed a masters degree into waste management at the Hong Kong university of science and technology.

I sat down with JeanBaptistte and talked about his studies and where he is going with the ecotourism project.

His vision is to become an entrepreneur in the waste management space. During his studies, he analysed over 70 existing waste management projects and established the three factors that determine whether a project succeeds or fails.

JB did a post-doctorate degree and studied over 70 different waste mitigation projects.

The main takeaways were
- lack of technological know-how
- lack of a business model
- lack of assessment of social impact