Hallo Aus Berlin

21-11-2022 • 14 minutos

Daniel and his family visit his grandparents. The other characters introduce their brothers and sisters, as well as their pets, after a few interviews with local Berliners. Thomas goes to the Berlin Zoological Garden and introduces the different animals that are seen there. Rolli und Rita's sketch shows Rita with a snake at Rolli's house that can perform mathematical calculations; the snake becomes confused and wrecks the room after Rolli asks a question it couldn't handle. Rolli und Rita then attempt to piece together the broken family portraits, mismatching pieces with different family members, and they fail to do so by the time Rolli's mother arrives. Nada is introduced, a 17-year-old who lives independently from his parents in a flat with other young people, and he describes the chores and jobs he does at home. Rolli und Rita perform the song 'Das ist meine Familie' (This is My Family). Daniel is then seen at his grandparents' house, feeling bored.