Frozen in Time: Scott's Antarctic Legacy

Antarctic Heritage Trust

Scott’s Terra Nova hut has a history rich in both triumph and tragedy that is proudly on display at Cape Evans.Step inside and you will find the building in good health with more than 11,000 artefacts left behind by expeditions of Scott and Shackleton carefully conserved.It is, as Sir David Attenborough described, frozen in time.That is due to the painstaking conservation work undertaken by New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust. We began a seven year journey to conserve the hut and the artefacts in it in 2007.The conservation programme was painstaking in its detail – nails numbered, removed and put back in their original holes. Every artefact documented, conserved and placed back in the hut.Conserving history in one of the world’s harshest environments takes perseverance, experience and innovation.Join the Trust’s Chief Operations Officer, Francesca Eathorne as she visits the hut, speaks to the conservation experts and hears how they worked within the world’s most extreme environment to save this important piece of Antarctic history.Find out more at read less
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