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The Tribunus Plebis (The Tribune of the People) was the most important check on power of the Roman Senate and magistrates. Join us as we carry on this tradition and speak plainly and truthfully to, and about, power. read less


(Ep. 63) How We Talk About Labor - A Rearview Look at the Railroad Dispute, the Media, and Us.
(Ep. 63) How We Talk About Labor - A Rearview Look at the Railroad Dispute, the Media, and Us.
Not only does capital have control of the government and media, it also has control of the cultural zeitgeist and it has a hold so powerful that most of us hear a so called journalist ask a locomotive repairman making 80 grand a year or something whether fighting for the ability to not work while they are uncontrollably defecating water and physically decimated and not get fired for it is worth destroying the economy and we sit there in front of our TVs and think, yeah, man is it worth it? We just go with it rather than open our eyes a bit and say, “Why in the world is this anchor not asking those 5 corporate dorks why they refuse to let sick workers stay home and heal?” It doesn’t even enter our heads because we’ve been fully subsumed into this absolute insanity we call this country. We blame a boilermaker for wanting a few sick days and accuse them of trying to destroy the country instead of punching the dork ceo who refuses to give our fellow workers those sick days right in the face. Really consider what I’m trying to say here. Please. It’s a deeply sick state of affairs that we blame each other and don;t even see where the real power, evil, and problem lies. It’s not the guy with the sledgehammer, I’ll tell you that much.Wages, benefits, time off, sick days, and safety are just some of the battle grounds and they are the ones most stories like this tend to focus on. But there are other battles as well, ones that are just as important, if not more so. We fight for respect, we fight for dignity, we fight for quality of life. The war is fought for justice and equity and our very humanity _______________________________________ This podcast and related works take a lot of effort and time to produce! Please help us keep it going if you are able with a one-time donation or recurring subscription at Buy Me A Coffee! LINK: Please, if you have a moment, take a second to rate and review on Apple! It's the single best way you can help us grow aside from word of mouth! Apple Podcasts: Check out all of our links at our LinkTree!