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We will discuss what is going on with primarily with the ISO tokens/coins as well other coins/tokens We will discuss other crypto news as well like LUNC. This is a real crypto news show where we do talk about crypto! Thanks for joining us!

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This video is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before making any decisions with your money. We (Crypto Talk Now) will not be held liable for any losses or gains you may experience. We are not your financial or investment advisors. This is completely educational content and should be taken as such - the views expressed in the content are opinions. Nothing on this channel should be taken as a recommendation to buy a particular crypto asset. The information shared on this channel is not indicative of future results. Analyses are not absolute and are prone to change in accordance with present and future market events. Please do all of your own research before you buy any stock, crypto, or financial product.

If a person tries to comment as us by providing you a WhatsApp phone # or any other link, it is not us. The only links I provide are within our video and podcasrt descriptions or during our actual podcast videos. Thanks!

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