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Focus & Distraction
Focus & Distraction
Focus and Distraction Intro I’m Gordon Firemark, and I’ve got a problem. I have a really hard time getting focused. Staying focused. I’m easily distracted. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’ve probably got a minor form of ADHD. I love to have lots and lots of things going on. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. But it can also be a detriment. Getting things done can be a real challenge... a test of willpower Staying focused when we need to is hugely important. Fortunately, I’ve been able to learn some skills for getting and staying focused when I need to... and you can do that too. Start with goals - know what you really want/need to accomplish Be specific Write them down Prioritize Be clear about WHY Break own the goals into action steps. - a plan Map the path to completion of each task. Once you’ve settled on your plan, WORK IT. Be methodical and systematic Allocate the time for “deep work” Minimizing interruptions The power of ritual - getting into the Zone Create an environment conducive to focus Quiet? Hubbub? Too much quiet can also be distracting One Thing! Eliminate the common distractions Mobile Inernet Phone, etc. Quiet your mind Meditation Breathing exercises Visualize being in “the Zone” Tools Try some music - has specially designed music tracks with specific tempos and beats to get the brainwaves optimized for focus. To Do lists Set a tomato timer. (Pomodoro method). Stay on task for 50 minutes, then take a short break. Switch tasks from time to time. If you’re feeling the pull. When you know you’re only tied to one task for a short time, it’s easier to stay in the zone.