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Digital Hammurabi is the creative outlet for two Assyriologists, Megan Lewis and Joshua Bowen. Driven by a passion for the ancient Near East and the belief that history is both important and relevant to modern life, Megan and Josh aim to break out of the ivory tower of academia and bring ancient Mesopotamia to the world! This podcast brings academic scholarship and interviews with researchers to your brain (via your ears) in an easily-understood format, so you can enjoy fascinating content wherever you are! read less


Unpacking the Lives of Ancient Immigrants with Dr. Teodoro Alstola
Unpacking the Lives of Ancient Immigrants with Dr. Teodoro Alstola
Dr. Tero Alstola, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, discusses his work on ancient Near Eastern cultures and the social history of Babylonia in the first millennium BCE. He talks about his research on ancient immigrants, network approaches to historical data sets, and the use of computer-aided study of the Akkadian language. The conversation delves into his involvement in the 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale and his interest in the ancient world, starting with ancient Egypt. Dr. Alstola's research: Information on RAI: More information on migration and immigrants: The Ancient Near East Today has blog posts on migration: How Bad Was the Babylonian Exile? 00:00:30 - Introduction to Dr. Teodoro Alstola00:01:43 - Dr. Alstola's Background and Interest in Ancient Studies00:03:22 - Dr. Alstola's Specialization and Research Focus00:04:01 - Origins of Dr. Alstola's Interest in Migration00:05:34 - Sources for Studying Ancient Migration00:06:56 - Comparing Ancient and Modern Migration00:09:19 - Legal Aspects of Ancient Migration00:10:54 - Perceptions of Immigrants in the Ancient Near East00:14:26 - Digital Humanities and Computer-Aided Research00:22:19 - AI in Academic Research00:24:31 - The 69th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale00:30:47 - Assyrian Deportation Policy00:33:28 - Artifacts Documenting Ancient Migration00:35:04 - Cultural Assimilation of Migrants